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Calibration Services and Pricing

My calibration rates are very straightforward. I do not believe in the "per input" pricing common to some calibrators. Why would anyone want only part of their display calibrated? When I leave your home your entire TV is dialed in, so no matter what inputs are used or what scanning rates you feed it, you are all set.

In addition, if you need some help with hooking up your equipment, setting your sound levels or are just looking for some recommendations on what gear to buy I am happy to help with no extra charge. I never book 2 jobs in one day so I am not in any rush. In fact, I hate to be rushed and seeing how I do not charge by the hour, I take the time necessary to do a thorough job.

Professional Calibration Includes:

Guest house  Home Theater
Guest house Home Theater

Flat Panels (OLED, LCD, Plasma) $400
Digital Front Projectors $450 

  • Calibrate all user picture controls including white level, black level, color, hue & sharpness
  • Center and size image (where applicable)
  • Full CMS (Color Managment System) calibration to REC 709 (where applicable)
  • Color Decoder (where applicable)
  • Set grayscale to D65 (6500 degrees kelvin)
  • Disable edge enhancement circuitry (where applicable)
  • Set-up Bluray & DVD players and STB's (cable/satellite)

CRT Rear Projection TVs: $500

  • Calibrate all user picture controls including white level, black level, color, hue & sharpness
  • Reduce overscan and center the image
  • Correct geometry and convergence
  • Electronic focus and mechanical focus if necessary
  • Adjust Color decoder and eliminate 'red push' (where applicable)
  • Set grayscale to industry standard D65 (6500 degrees kelvin)
  • Disable SVM (scan velocity modulation) (where applicable)
  • Clean crt lenses and mirror
  • Removal of glare screen if applicable is $50 extra
  • Set-up Bluray & DVD players and STB's (cable/satellite)

If there is some service adjustment or tweak that you have read about, please don't hesitate to ask me about it. The consumer display market is fast moving with new models coming out all the time. As a professional calibrator, I do my best to stay on top of all the latest products and their unique adjustments.

Additional Services and Pricing

Scientists at JPL use 3 DLP projectors, edged blended to analyze Cassini spacecraft images

The 3 DLP projectors are used in a rear projection set-up and use mirrors due to limited space