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About Me
My name is Eric Pfoutz and I have been a professional ISF Certified Calibrationist since September of 1999. Prior to that, I worked for 12 years as an accomplished 1st Assistant Cameraman here in Los Angeles. Before that I worked in the Bay Area as an in-house videographer and editor. Working in Film and Video has taught me a lot about the photographic process, covering such things as film formats, lenses, framing, depth of field, anamorphic process and lighting. I was also fortunate to be able to visit some film labs and sit in on some telecine (film transfer) and film color timing sessions. All of this knowledge has helped to train my eye, which I use in conjunction with my spectoradiometer when calibrating any display to the industry standards.

Why would you want your TV or projector calibrated to industry standards? After a film or video is edited the director and cinematographer collaborate with a colorist who job it is to color time every shot in the movie. During these sessions, the final decisions are made as too the exact look and feel of the work. All of this is done on a calibrated professional monitor set to industry standards. Simply put, if you want to see exactly what the filmmakers intended you to see, you need to have your display calibrated to the same industry standards.


After an ISF Calibration your display will:

  • Operate within its linearly operating range
  • Resolve its full resolution
  • Reproduce accurate colors
  • Retain the best shadow detail while the holding the deepest blacks
  • Minimize artifacts such as macro bocking
  • Display images as the film makers intended